Delray Beach Best Small Town in America

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And Most Fun

The city of Delray Beach Florida has won so many best awards, it is surprising if you have never been, but not to anyone who lives or has visited there! I am so impressed with this two-time winner of the All America City award that I simply had to dedicate a website to Delray Florida. As so often happens in life, while I was putting this together, USA Today awarded Delray Beach Best Small Town In America in the Most Fun category. No surprise there! With one of the best beaches in Florida, a thriving art scene, fantastic shopping, sports, and so much more, for me it is most absolutely the most fun. Allow me to give you the highlights of this city by the sea, with links, for more to see and do.

About Me tells of how I came to live in Delray Beach Best Small Town in America. It was only for two years, but in that time the city of Delray Beach found a place in my heart, and I keep returning again and again. My hope is that this page shows you exactly how much I love it here and what I enjoy best to see and do in Delray Florida.

History Of Delray Beach Florida gives you the background of a fascinating history. Different cultures settled here, and they are the very reason Delray Beach is the Best Small Town in America. Without them, this place would not be the same at all!

About Delray was the hardest page to create. I so want to give you just the highlights of what makes this the Most Fun Small Town In America, without going on too long and turning a page into a book! I think I have succeeded and it will entice you to come and visit Delray Beach City, and soon.

Morikami Park is an absolute gem of a place that will thrill any photographer or gardener especially, but truly everyone is amazed when they go. Delray Beach Best Small Town In America is the only place that could have produced such beautiful Japanese gardens right here in the USA.

Where To Stay In Delray Florida is the biggest section since we all have different needs. There are 4 pages for where to lay your head down on this Delray Beach Florida site; Accommodations, Real Estate, Hotels, and The Marriott Hotel (special enough for a page to itself).

Restaurants That Make Delray Beach Best Small Town In America is too short, I know! My goal though, is to introduce you to the city of Delray Beach Florida, not overwhelm you with too long a list of places you must eat at.

Delray Beach Stand Up Paddleboard puts the Fun in Most Fun Small Town In America. Some of you already know and love this sport, and I can’t wait to introduce the rest of you to it!

Delray Beach City is certainly the place I keep coming back to. The awards that this city by the sea has won give you a small idea of how truly special this area is. Sports, history, art, music, shopping, food, culture all mesh together to make Delray Beach Best Small Town in America!

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Winning the “All America City” award not once, but twice, there is so much to love about the city of Delray Beach Florida...

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