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From Delray Beach, I grabbed a plane for the trip down south for one of the Florida Everglades tours. If you’re looking for some unique scenery and a place to see some Florida wildlife, you really have to visit the Everglades. The idea of striking out to explore a huge swamp will appeal to just about any traveller with a sense of adventure. I highly recommend it!

There are two officially protected parks that are joined together: the Everglades National Park and the Big Cypress National Preserve. Between the two areas, there are excellent services for arranging the best Florida Everglades tours and getting any other information you need to enjoy your day. The staff at the tourist center were really great.

The best way to see the Everglades is by boat. Particularly one of those big “airboats”, that have a huge propeller in the back. They’re loud, fast and not something you’re going to get to try very often. Many Florida Everglades tours are by airboat and you’ll see more of the park if you take one. And there is nothing like the feeling of the wind in your face as you zoom over the water at 100 mph. Well, it doesn’t always reach quite that fast but it feels like it.

I admit, they’re not for everyone so you can also relax a little and go paddling by canoe if you want. There are also lots of great raised boardwalks for when you prefer to stay on foot and walk through the mangroves. Even if you are sticking to the boardwalks, there are guided Florida Everglades tours you can take with a professional guide. That way you know you are seeing everything there is to see.

By boat, you’ll be able to follow the maze-like waterways that wind all through the swamps and mangrove trees. If you’re boating out on your own, you must take one of the Florida Everglades maps with you that you can get from the visitor center when you arrive. Even if you stay on the main waterways, you can very easily get lost. If you’re going with one of the guided Florida Everglades, then its not so important though it is kind of nice to keep track of where you are even if you’re not doing the navigating.

If you are walking around the Everglades (or even in a canoe for that matter), you should always be on the lookout for crocodiles. They are extremely plentiful and you can get very close to one without even realizing it. Aside from the crocs and the alligators, there are hundreds of types of birds on typical Florida Everglades tours, as well as lots of smaller animals like otters, deer, foxes, opossums and raccoons. Not the most exotic host of creatures but there are lots of them and they are still fun to watch for as you’re heading through the swamps. If you happen to be lucky, you might catch a glimpse of a Florida panther in the distance.

So if all of this intrigues you, you should plan a holiday trip with an Everglades tour. When I was there, we booked our boat tour with Billie Swamp Safari and had a fantastic time. But you should have just as great an experience with any of them. The parks are open all-year, including all major holidays and there are fees to get into the protected parks. You can bring an RV or a tent if you want to make it any of the Florida Everglades tours an overnight trip.

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