Delray Beach FL Restaurants: Dining Pleasure Not To Be Missed

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Choosing which Delray Beach FL restaurants to dine in is easily the hardest decision to make for your vacation, as there are so many great places to dine. I will have to content myself with telling you about the ones I return to over and over again. That and think about adding a second page for Delray Beach restaurants!

The Office Prime Burgers, Craft Beer is my cantina, where I can go and enjoy great food and drinks. The beer and wine selection is out of this world; your biggest problem will be choosing what to try first. If I had to pick only one thing off the menu it would be the Truffle Parmesan Fries. They are incredibly tasty, and one taste will show you why they have been written up in glowing reviews so many times.

Starbucks is a must stop for my green tea and brownie, which I can enjoy with their free wi-fi. Writing about Delray Beach FL Restaurants, and not including a place to get a simple snack would be criminal!

Brule Bistro Wine House is another of the Delray Beach restaurants I love for their wine selection (I am French after all), especially the wonderful choices they have for wine by the glass. The food is excellent, and the happy hour menu is sure to delight you with its many dining temptations.

Cut 432 is not your average stuffy steakhouse but it is the Delray Beach FL restaurants answer to both sophisticated male and female diners. They focus on handpicking the best of everything, not just the best beef, but also fresh local ingredients, including my favourites, the tuna steak and their amazing French fries.

Johnnie Brown’s is my choice of Delray Beach restaurants for the classic American food like burgers, wings, and ribs. As an ex-musician, my must-go night is Wednesday, when they have great rock and blues to enjoy. For a fun night of music and a great menu selection of everything from burgers and sliders, to BBQ and wings, to fresh fish and nachos, you’ll be glad you picked this spot out of the Delray Beach FL restaurants.

Carpe Diem (formerly Cafè de France) is a fantastic choice of Delray Beach. Operated by a 6th generation chef and baker, Olivier, whose family opened their first bakery in 1820 in Northern France. They’ve now expanded their great French menu to include World Fusion dishes, and it’s better than ever.

Tramonti Italian Ristorante comes from “Angelo’s of Mulberry St.” in lower Manhattan’s Little Italy. My good friend Marco introduced me to this place, and to this city, so I have many happy memories here. They specialize in the local southern dishes of the Campagnia region of Italy, but they do not limit themselves to only this. There are dining choices from all of Italy and the daily specials board offers some “Noveau Italian” dishes, too. Of all the Delray Beach restaurants, this one holds the most special place in my heart.

You see, only 7 choices, enough for a week’s stay in this wonderful beach city. Truly, the food here is as great as any dining you can find the world over, and I know there are many more delicious Delray Beach FL restaurants to choose from.

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