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Winning the “All America City” award not once, but twice, there is so much to love about the city of Delray Beach Florida. From gorgeous beaches to a thriving art scene, this is a historic town on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. There are museums to visit, a thriving downtown with fantastic shopping and dining choices, and so much more. Delray Florida is one of my favorite places to stay, play, and enjoy all it has to offer.

The Delray Municipal Beach is considered by many to be the best swimming beach in South Florida and is listed as one of the top 35 in the country. What makes it so great is how the City of Delray Beach Florida has made it so accessible with an elevated and covered pavilion, wooden walkway, and an observation platform out over the beach, with close by handicap parking. The Gulf Stream current warms the water, making it perfect for swimming. Not only is the sand quality magnificent, Delray Beach city keeps it clean all year round with a beach cleaning service.  Best of all there are recreation areas set up for sailing, swimming, volleyball, wind surfing, snorkelling, and two areas for Frisbees and kite flying. When you’re ready to rest and relax you can rent a cabana and enjoy Delray Beach City.

The Art Scene in Delray Florida is simply amazing. The Annual Delray Affair has been going on for 50 years and had over 600 booths at this hugely popular Arts and Crafts Street Festival in April. For 3 days, this city of artists goes from thriving to positively booming with art and artists. The City of Delray Beach Florida clearly loves the arts, and the number of events put on every year is staggering. Music concerts of all kinds, theatre performances, art exhibits; there’s always something going on. The number of galleries here are astonishing, and you’ll find it difficult to get to see them all, but it’s so much fun to try!

Museums And History are a big part of the life in Delray Florida. The City of Delray Beach Florida cares enough to post a news article from 1922 about the woman who made Municipal Beach possible. The Spady Cultural Heritage Museum preserves the heritage of South Palm Beach County especially as it relates to African Americans. The Morikami Museum And Japanese Gardens  has six gardens and explores South Florida’s history and connection to Japan. There’s the Cornell Museum of Art & American Culture in Old School Square, a National Historic Site and Cultural Arts Center. The building is a unique piece of architecture that’s well worth seeing for itself as well as the exhibits inside. Such diverse culture is celebrated and remembered throughout Delray Beach City.

Shopping And Dining in Delray Florida is an enjoyable way to spend the hours, when you can tear yourself away from the sun and sand. The guide to downtown is a great way to get an idea of just how many unique and interesting places there are to shop, and to work up your hunger for the restaurants.

I hope this little taste of Delray Beach City shows you why I love it so much. The beaches are simply stunning with the warmth of the water and the beautiful sand. Add to that the thriving art scene, so many events to choose from, a well-kept cultural heritage, unique shops, and delicious dining, and you know exactly why I keep coming back. When you see the City of Delray Beach Florida you will love it, too!

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Winning the “All America City” award not once, but twice, there is so much to love about the city of Delray Beach Florida...

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