Delray Beach Stand Up Paddleboard: Are Your Ready To SUP?

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Delray Beach stand up paddleboard (often referred to as SUP) is becoming all the rage. Why? Stand up paddling is so easy-to-learn and so much fun that after about an hour-long lesson, you can be out there enjoying the ocean! There is not very much you need to know about this wonderful sport, so allow me to give you the details.

Your First Lesson: Since it takes such a short time to learn, the best way to start is by taking a lesson. Florida Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a perfect place to go since all you need to bring is your swimsuit, towel and sunscreen. They provide everything else (including stand up paddle boards) in the cost of the lesson. Owned by Surf World Surf Shop, this is a very reputable and excellent place to dip your feet in the water and learn about Delray Beach stand up paddleboard.

Equipment Needed For SUP’ing
1. Stand Up Paddle Board
2. Paddle
3. Personal Flotation Device
4. Safety Equipment

Why Stand Up Paddling Is So Popular: Besides being easy-to-learn, and needing very little in the way of equipment, there is so much fun to be had. Canoeing is a great way to enjoy the water, but let’s face it, even the lightest of canoes are a pain to transport. Stand up paddle boards are way lighter, and easier to take with you. Plus, when you’re ready to get adventurous, you can go surfing. No one wants to try that in a canoe! Stand up paddling gives you the ultimate in freedom and flexibility to paddle, surf, and have fun.
Where To Go: The Delray Beach Stand Up Paddleboard club is a great place to meet others who SUP. They freely admit they spend more time on their stand up paddle boards than on their facebook page, but they have some great images up, including shots of stand up paddling with their pets. There are also some great Delray Beach stand up paddleboard tours, where you can combine this great sport with sight-seeing. Whether you want to catch sight of the Venice of America waterways with all the multi-million dollar homes and yachts, or travel through the mangroves and see the local wildlife, stand up paddle boards give you an easy way to see it all.
Family Fun For Everyone: Too often, water sports are difficult, and make it hard to be fun for the whole family. SUP’ing is easy for children to learn, and makes it a great way for everyone to get out there and enjoy the ocean. Delray Beach stand up paddleboard lessons can be taken together, and even be combined with a tour at Forida Stand Up Paddle Boarding.

Did you know? Women are often better at stand up paddling because of their low center of gravity. Watch out guys!


Now you can see why stand up paddling is so popular! Easy-to-learn quickly, and you don’t need a ton of equipment. SUP’ing will never get boring, as you can surf too! It’s a great way to see to go sightseeing on the ocean and waterways, while still being easy enough for the whole family to join in. Isn’t it time you tried out stand up paddleboard fun?

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