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I first learned surfing in Lacanau, France which has an amazing beach break on the West Coast of France. Since my first days of surfing, I have moved on to surf in Brazil, the Caribbean, and Delray Beach, Florida. I may not be an amazing big session surfer, but being a regular foot I love a long right that runs about 2/3 meter max. So, for me, Delray Beach has the best surfing of South Florida.

Surfing in Florida: Delray Beach

This town of Delray Beach is well-known as the first home of surfing in South Florida. It began in the late 1950’s, and with its 2 miles of untouched, beautiful beaches, it’s easy to see why it’s a Surfer’s Paradise. The beaches are exposed, very accessible, with a good beach break. They get consistent surf, all year round, with waves that break both left and right. If you ride the waves when the tide is falling, you will get a good section to surf. One of my favorite spots is to the east of Delray Beach, so be sure to check out Atlantic Dunes Park.

Being South Florida, you won’t be alone in the water, so be aware. Pay attention to rips, sharks, and jellyfish. I’ve spent a lot of time in the water, between surfing, kitesurfing, paddling, and swimming and I’ve never been got, yet! I’ve seen the amazing sight of spinner sharks, which are truly impressive. They spin vertically through a school of fish while spinning and jumping from the water. Scary to see, but not really a threat to humans, they tend to go for much smaller prey. You still would be wise to avoid getting in the middle of their hunt, though.

Now I have been stung by a Portuguese Man O’War (similar to a jellyfish) and although I had a red mark, it wasn’t too bad at all. If ever you do get stung, the smart thing to do is remove any remaining pieces, using tweezers to avoid a secondary sting and then rinse with salt water. The ocean’s water is perfect for this. Afterward, hot water will also help to treat the venom, but vinegar is NOT recommended.

There are a lot of other surfing and beach areas in South Florida to visit while you’re in the area. No need to limit yourself to just surfing in Florida: Delray Beach! I’ve included a list of them below for you to know about.

Let’s face it though, before you go surfing in Florida, you need to know the Surf Report. Both Surfline and Wanna Surf are my go-to surf report websites. They are the very best, and most accurate that I have found. After all, who wants to load up their board and travel only to find the surf isn’t worth the trip?

Other beach/surf areas in South Florida:

Boca Raton
Boynton Beach
Deerfield Beach
Fort Lauderdale Beach
Highland Beach
Hillsboro Beach
Hobe Sound Public Beach
Juno Beach
Lake Worth
Miami Beach
Palm Beach
Pompano Beach
South Beach
South Surfing Area

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